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2017 Last Moon Cycle

image: chart showing this cycle's new Moon

    Last Moon Cycle of 2017:
  • new Moon at 26° Sagittarius 31′
  • full Moon in 11° Cancer 38′

This cycle begins on December 18th with the Sun and new Moon in Sagittarius; and comes to fruition on January 2nd, 2018 with the full Moon in Cancer and the Sun in Capricorn.

It seems my numbering system for cycles has failed with this one numbered 13. Astrology's yearly cycles are 12 in number and are based on the Sun moving "through" the constellations in relation to the Earth (tropical astrology); but the Moon's synodic cycle--

takes 29–30 days. The moon completes its orbit around the earth in 27.3 days (the sidereal month), but due to the Earth's motion around the sun it has not finished a full (synodic) cycle until it reaches the point in its orbit where the sun is in the same position (Wikipedia).

So there can be 12-and-a-half to nearly 13 cycles in a year. There are many ways to look at the Moon's long and short cycles, so take a look at the Wikipedia article on Lunar Month for more information.

Something not dealt with in this blog previously are the synodic cycles of all the planets. Often they are used in natal astrology when relating a planet to its starting position in the zodiac; but they can also be discussed in terms of one planet to another, such as Venus to Mars. For a good discussion of synodic cycles, check out Synodic Astrology: Synodic Cycles and Planetary Retrogrades at the Lunar Planner.

On the 21st of December the Sun crosses 0° Capricorn, commonly called the Winter Solstice, also known as the Winter Ingress by astrologers. This signals the promise of longer days for those of us above the Equator. Astrologers are divided on whether this marker or the one at 0° Aries (Spring Equinox) signifies the beginning of a new astrological year. In her blog, Diary of a Mundane Astrologer, Raye Robertson presents some interesting points on the Winter Ingress. A chart for the Winter Ingress is available.

Two U.S natal charts are again being considered--one with Scorpio rising and one with Sagittarius rising (new Moon and full Moon are linked here). In the natal chart with Scorpio rising the Sun is positioned in the 9th house, ruled by Jupiter; Sagittarius rising places the Sun in the 7th house, ruled by Venus. Both placements include the Moon as ruler because the Sun is in Cancer. In the Sagittarian chart the Moon's placement is in the 3rd house, conjunct the cusp; in the chart with Scorpio rising the Moon is in the 4th house, her home.

Currently, Uranus, Ceres, and Mercury are retrograde. Mercury will turn direct in Sagittarius on December 23rd and Uranus will turn direct in Aries on January 3rd. Ceres will remain retrograde until mid-March.

At the new Moon there is a large stellium in Scorpio, containing Mercury, Venus, Moon, Sun, and Saturn. At the full there is another stellium, this time in Capricorn; it contains Saturn, Venus, Sun, and Pluto. Common to both stelliums are the Sun, Saturn, and Venus.

The New Moon

The new Moon signals the start of this cycle and promises new opportunities. In Sagittarius the Moon is ruled by Jupiter. This being the Christmas season, we busy ourselves with shopping for gifts, attending parties, and preparing for the "big day." But with Saturn in close attendance, we may find ourselves burdened by the disappointments of Christmases past and the predictability of these celebrations. This presents an opportunity to see beyond the well-practiced pomp and find that quiet moment when the world is at peace, then savor it. While the Moon in Sagittarius can be upbeat and cheery; she can also be easily distracted and act a bit entitled.

Jupiter, ruler of the stellium in Sagittarius, is conjunct Vesta and widely conjunct Mars in Scorpio. While Jupiter's expansiveness combined with Vesta's emphasis on the hearth promises the home fires will burn brightly, Pluto's rulership brings both under the sway of big business and the interests of the wealthy. Mars may add some unpleasantness to that home fire in the form of aggression.

With Scorpio ascending, the U.S. chart has the Moon placed in the 2nd house. Affairs indicated by the 2nd are

the nation's values, potential wealth and assets, the economy, the national product, where earnings are deposited. (Neptune Café/Keywords page)

With the Moon in the 2nd house her influence, expanded by Jupiter's rulership, will affect spending and perhaps enrich Christmas, especially for retailers. The natural ruler of the 2nd house is Venus and she is conjunct the Moon in Sagittarius. She will add a touch of beauty and ease relationships. This may be an unforgettable Christmas for those who have the means to invest in it.

In the Sagittarius-ascending chart the Moon and Sun occupy the 1st house along with Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. Affairs of the 1st house include:

the nation as a whole, the nation's first impression or image, general national characteristics, the national myths, the projected personality and interests of the nation's people. (Neptune Café/Keywords page)

With the Moon transiting the 1st house, the general population's interests may be focused on home and friends. Mercury conjunct the Ascendent and retrograde may speak of shipping snafus and delays.

The Full Moon

When the Moon reaches its position at full--opposite the sun--she will be in Cancer, her own sign. When new and in Sagittarius she was centered on the religious and judicial world; when full in Cancer her keynotes are home, family, land, and matters of a public nature.

While traversing the zodiac from its new to full position, Sagittarius to Cancer, the Moon describes an arc with the Sun, which acts as a moving pivot because this brand of astrology uses the Earth as its reference. During this arc the Moon contacts (conjuncts and sign ingresses) the planets and signs that lie in her path. These contacts are listed below. For additional information about the Moon's current contacts, check out Cafe Astrology's This Week in Astrology.

Event Date/Time (GMT) Degree/Sign/Minutes
New Moon: Conjunct Sun 12-18-2017,06:31 am 26° Sagittarius 31'
conjunct Saturn 12-18-2017,01:10 pm 29° Sagittarius 48'
enters Capricorn 12-18-2017,01:34 pm  
conjunct Pluto 12-20-2017,02:54 am 18° Capricorn 23'
enters Aquarius 12-21-2017,02:30 am  
conjunct Juno 12-21-2017,06:06 am 01° Aquarius 47'
enters Pisces 12-23-2017,02:42 pm  
conjunct Neptune 12-24-2017,01:44 pm 11° Pisces 45'
conjunct Chiron 12-25-2017,02:08 pm 24° Pisces 30'
enters Aries 12-26-2017,00:28 am  
conjunct Uranus 12-27-2017,08:58 pm 24° Aries 35'Rx
conjunct Pallas 12-27-2017,10:42 pm 25° Aries 34'
enters Taurus 12-28-2017,06:24 am  
enters Gemini 12-30-2017,08:32 am  
enters Cancer 01-01-2018,08:11 am  
Full Moon: Opposite Sun 01-02-2018,02:25 am 11° Cancer 38'

In this chart the Moon is conjunct the cusp of the 9th house and the natal Sun. She is in her own sign. The 9th house, ruled by Jupiter, indicates

religion, law and order, justice, the court system, morality, higher education, publishing, international concerns, foreign affairs, shipping, belief systems. (Neptune Café/Keywords page)

This appears to be a continuation of the new Moon in Sagittarius. Jupiter is currently in Scorpio and transiting the 1st house, where it is conjunct Mars and Vesta, perhaps signalling a conflict of interests.

In the Sagittarius-ascending chart the Moon is in the 7th house and conjunct the natal Sun. The 7th house indicates

alliances, relations with other countries, treaties, war, open enemies, dialogue and diplomacy.. (Neptune Café/Keywords page)

In this chart the house ruler is Venus, which is transiting the 1st house and conjunct the transiting Sun.

In both charts the Moon is strong in her own sign. But affairs of the houses she is transiting are a mix of conflicting issues and attempts to come to terms with these issues. In the Sagittarius-ascending chart the emphasis is coming to terms with perceived enemies; in the Scorpio-ascending there seems to be an emphasis on the U.S.'s internal conflicts.



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