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2017 Moon cycle 11: Beaver Moon

    2017 Moon Cycle 11:
  • new Moon in Libra,
  • full Moon in Taurus

This cycle begins with the Sun and new Moon at 26° Libra 35′ and comes to fruition with the full Moon at 11° Taurus 59′.

The title of this post, The Beaver Moon, refers to the November full moon as identified by the Algonquin tribes. The MoonConnection (link below) says about this Moon:

At this time of year the beavers are busy preparing for winter, and it's time to set beaver traps and secure a store of warm fur before the swamps freeze over. Some tribes called this the Frosty Moon.

For background on the Moon names and for other information on the Moon, take a look at MoonConnection. Keep in mind this is the name of the full moon, which occurs in November.

Two U.S natal charts are again being considered--one with Scorpio rising and one with Sagittarius rising (new Moon and full Moon are linked here). In the natal chart with Scorpio rising the Sun is positioned in the 9th house, ruled by Jupiter; Sagittarius rising places the Sun in the 7th house, ruled by Venus. Both placements include the Moon as ruler because the Sun is in Cancer. In the Sagittarian chart the Moon's placement is in the 3rd house, conjunct the cusp; in the chart with Scorpio rising the Moon is in the 4th house, her home.

Currently, Uranus, Neptune, Pallas, and Chrion are retrograde. Neptune will turn direct in Pisces on November 23rd.

The New Moon

The new Moon signals the start of this new cycle and promises new opportunities. In Libra the Moon is ruled by Venus and she takes on Venus' qualities of peacemaking, balancing relationships. While the Moon in Libra can be graceful and accommodating, she can also be ingratiating and inscrutable. Café Astrology says about this new Moon in Libra (time-sensitive link):

We have a chance to build our negotiating skills without compromising our principles or needs, and without resorting to appeasement. It’s a time to work on re-balancing our relationships and to recognize our partners as teammates rather than adversaries.

With this potent Libra energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives. Some of Libra’s “lessons” involve learning to make peace with those around us, as well as in our environments, establishing a sense of order and balance in our lives, and recognizing the value of partnerships. This is an ideal time to work on these skills. Libra has an innate ability for, and love of, synthesizing opposites. Peace and harmony are the goals, but there’s a fine balancing act involved along the way that requires some commitment and effort.

There is a large stellium in Libra formed by Venus,Vesta, Moon, and Sun--in order of oriental appearance, that is, when each would cross the Ascendant at this time.

With Scorpio ascending, the U.S. chart has the Moon placed in the 12th house. Affairs indicated by the 12th are

hospitals, anything hidden, secret enemies, secret societies, subversives, prisons, mystics, crime fighters, saboteurs and spies, welfare programs and recipients. (Neptune Café/Keywords page)

In the 12th house the Moon, Sun, Jupiter and Mercury are heavily influenced by Neptune in Pisces and the 4th house. Since the Moon rules the 4th house, there is a mutual reception between the Moon and Neptune. This suggests that matters indicated by their respective houses may be mingled or one will preempt the other.

Venus rules Libra and is in her own sign and the 11th house. There she is square natal Jupiter in Cancer and the 8th house.

In the Sagittarius-ascending chart the Moon and Sun occupy the 10th house where Saturn dominates. Affairs of the 10th house include:

the government, ruling class, national prestige, destiny, how the nation is seen by the rest of the world, elections, those in power. (Neptune Café/Keywords page)

House ruler Saturn is in Sagittarius and the 1st house, square natal Nepturn in Virgo and the 9th. Sign ruler Venus is in the 10th house as well.

In both charts transiting Venus forms a T-square with natal Jupiter in Cancer and transiting Juno in Capricorn. This is a cardinal square with the empty arm at 5 to 10 degrees Aries. The Moon will be crossing this span early on the 1st of November.

The Full Moon

When the Moon reaches its position at full--opposite the sun--she will be in Taurus, again ruled by Venus. When new and in Libra she was centered on relationships, balance, and negotiation; when full in Taurus her keynotes are the more material aspects of Venus--beauty, possessions, and resources.

While traversing the zodiac from its new to full position, Libra to Taurus, the Moon describes an arc with the Sun, which acts as a moving pivot because this brand of astrology uses the Earth as its reference. During this arc the Moon contacts (conjuncts and sign ingresses) the planets and signs that lie in her path. These contacts are listed below. For additional information about the Moon's current contacts, check out Cafe Astrology's This Week in Astrology.

When full this month, the Moon, Mars in Libra, and Neptune in Pisces form a YOD pattern with Mars as the pointer.

Event Date/Time (GMT) Degree/Sign/Minutes
New Moon: Conjunct Sun 10-19-2017,07:13 pm 26° Libra 35'
enters Scorpio 10-20-2017,01:42 am  
conjunct Jupiter 10-20-2017,05:42 am 02° Scorpio 06'
conjunct Mercury 10-20-2017,11:25 am 05° Scorpio 05'
enters Sagittarius 10-22-2017,11:58 am  
conjunct Saturn 10-24-2017,11:56 am 23° Sagittarius 56'
enters Capricorn 10-25-2017,00:13 am  
conjunct Juno 10-26-2017,00:53 am 12° Capricorn 08'
conjunct Pluto 10-26-2017,10:50 am 17° Capricorn 02'
enters Aquarius 10-27-2017,12:59 pm  
enters Pisces 10-29-2017,11:47 pm  
conjunct Neptune 10-30-2017,09:32 pm 11° Pisces 37'Rx
conjunct Chiron 10-31-2017,09:35 pm 24° Pisces 51'Rx
enters Aries 11-01-2017,06:43 am  
conjunct Uranus 11-03-2017,03:03 am 25° Aries 57'Rx
enters Taurus 11-03-2017,09:46 am  
conjunct Pallas 11-03-2017,04:10 pm 03° Taurus 53'Rx
Full Moon: Opposite Sun 11-04-2017,05:23 am 11° Taurus 59'

In this chart the Moon is in the 7th house, which is ruled by the Venus. The signs currently assigned to the house by its relation to the Ascendant are Taurus and Gemini. Traditionally the 7th house indicates conditions centering on

alliances, relations with other countries, treaties, war, open enemies, dialogue and diplomacy. (Neptune Café/Keywords page)

Note that the Moon is doubly ruled by Venus--by sign and by house. Venus is transiting the 12th house and in her own sign Libra. She is in opposition to retrograde Uranus in Aries and separating from an opposition to natal Chiron. She is also square natal Mercury in Cancer and the 9th house. The empty arm of this T-square in 20 to 25 degrees Capricorn.

In the Sagittarius-ascending chart the Moon is in the 5th house, which is ruled by the Sun. The 5th house indicates

entertainment, financial speculation, the stock market, recreational activities, children, the birth rate, theater, cinema, gambling. (Neptune Café/Keywords page)

Venus rules Taurus, the sign on the cusp and Pallas is conjunct the cusp. Currently Venus is transiting the 10th house.

In both charts Venus is emphasized, more so in the Scorpio-ascending chart.



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