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2017 Moon cycle 9: Harvest Moon

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    2017 Moon Cycle 9:
  • new Moon in Leo,
  • full Moon in Pisces

This cycle begins with the Sun and new Moon at 28° Leo 53′ and comes to fruition with the full Moon at 13° Pisces 53′.

The title of this post, The Harvest Moon, refers to the September full moon as identified by the Algonquin tribes. The MoonConnection (link below) says about this Moon:

Many of the Native American tribes' staple foods, such as corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, and rice, are ready for gathering at this time. The strong light of the Harvest Moon allowed European farmers to work late into the night to harvest their crops. The Harvest Moon does not always occur in September. Traditionally, the name goes to the full moon closest to the autumn equinox, which falls during October once or twice a decade. Sometimes the September full moon was called the Corn Moon.

For background on the Moon names and for other information on the Moon, take a look at MoonConnection. Keep in mind this is the name of the full moon, which occurs in September.

Two U.S natal charts are again being considered--one with Scorpio rising and one with Sagittarius rising (new Moon and full Moon are linked here). In the natal chart with Scorpio rising the Sun is positioned in the 9th house, ruled by Jupiter; Sagittarius rising places the Sun in the 7th house, ruled by Venus. Both placements include the Moon as ruler because the Sun is in Cancer. In the Sagittarian chart the Moon's placement is in the 3rd house, conjunct the cusp; in the chart with Scorpio rising the Moon is in the 4th house, her home.

Currently, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are retrograde. Saturn will turn direct in Sagittarius on August 26th. Mercury will turn direct in Leo on the 5th of September, just before the full Moon. With Mercury retrograde personal communications may be garbled, but its timing should be good (Mercury Leo trine Saturn Sagittarius) However, Saturn is also retrograde.

It seems everyone, especially the media, is anticipating the central total Solar eclipse on August 21st, coinciding with the new Moon. For astrologers, the important points are how the astrological position connects with your chart and where its shadow will fall. General astrological information is given in the Astrology Weekly article on Eclipse. More about the eclipse will be included in my next post. Here are NASA eclipse maps for the event.

My reading suggests that those leading a country can be most affected by an eclipse. Here are some more references for you to check out:

The New Moon

Each new Moon signals the start of a new cycle with promise of new opportunities. Café Astrology says about this new Moon (time-sensitive link):

On Monday afternoon, the New Moon occurs as the Sun and Moon align late in the sign of Leo. This New Moon is a total Solar Eclipse, affecting our lives for the coming six months. In the sign of Leo, confidence, creativity, romance and dating, games, sports, recreation, speculation, hobbies, or children will be a strong focus on a personal level. This eclipse is about new beginnings regarding all of these matters.

Please take a moment to read what Café Astrology has to say about the eclipse--they're very knowledgeable folks.

There is a stellium in Leo formed by Mars, Moon, and Sun--in order of oriental appearance, that is, when each will cross the Ascendant at the time of the new Moon. By the full Moon this order will have changed, as well as the signs.

A grand cross is formed by Pluto in Capricorn square Jupiter in Libra square Venus in Cancer (conjunct Ceres) square Uranus in Aries -- all cardinal signs.

With Scorpio ascending, the U.S. chart has the Moon placed in the 10th house. Affairs indicated by the 10th are

the government, ruling class, national prestige, destiny, how the nation is seen by the rest of the world, elections, those in power. (Neptune Café/Keywords page)

Notice that this eclipse directly influences the government and those in power.

Since the Sun rules Leo, he is his own ruler and gains mastery over the Moon. By house the Moon is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is in the 2nd house, in Sagittarius and retrograde. Ruler of the 2nd house is Venus.

Meanwhile back in the 10th house Mars is separating from a conjunct with the Midheaven. It was exactly conjunct on the 14th of August and the Moon was square in Taurus.

In the Sagittarius-ascending chart the Moon and Sun occupy the 9th house; Mars occupies the 8th. Again, the Sun rules the sign; in this chart Jupiter rules the house the Sun and Moon are transiting. Affairs of the 9th house include

religion, law and order, justice, the court system, morality, higher education, publishing, international concerns, foreign affairs, shipping, belief systems. (Neptune Café/Keywords page)

Ruler Jupiter is in Libra and the 10th house, where it is conjunct natal Saturn and Juno. Jupiter's being in Libra and conjunct Juno speaks of balancing power, especially in government.

Both charts by sign and aspect speak of influences that begin with anger and a desire to best an opponent.

The Full Moon

When the Moon reaches its position at full--opposite the sun--she will be in Pisces, ruled by Neptune. When new she was in Leo, where she was ruled by the Sun and centered on creating and entertaining; when full she will be in Pisces where emotion and intuition prevail. With retrograde Neptune conjunct the full Moon, the resolution of the eclipse earlier in the cycle will likely leave some feeling wounded and wanting to blame recent events on some menacing, indistinct other.

While traversing the zodiac from its new to full position, Leo to Pisces, the Moon describes an arc with the Sun, which acts as a moving pivot because this brand of astrology uses the Earth as its reference. During this arc the Moon contacts (conjuncts and sign ingresses) the planets and signs that lie in her path. These contacts are listed below. For additional information about the Moon's current contacts, check out Cafe Astrology's This Week in Astrology.

Event Date/Time (GMT) Degree/Sign/Minutes
New Moon: Conjunct Sun 08-21-2017,06:31 pm 28° Leo 53'
enters Virgo 08-21-2017,08:25 pm  
conjunct Mercury 08-22-2017,09:41 am 07° Virgo 42'Rx
conjunct Vesta 08-23-2017,01:59 am 17° Virgo 02'
enters Libra 08-24-2017,01:05 am  
conjunct Jupiter 08-25-2017,03:31 pm 20° Libra 51'
enters Scorpio 08-26-2017,08:53 am  
enters Sagittarius 08-28-2017,07:48 pm  
conjunct Saturn 08-30-2017,02:33 pm 21° Sagittarius 12'
enters Capricorn 08-31-2017,08:19 am  
conjunct Juno 08-31-2017,01:57 pm 02° Capricorn 47'
conjunct Pluto 09-01-2017,06:29 pm 17° Capricorn 02'Rx
enters Aquarius 09-02-2017,08:08 pm  
enters Pisces 09-05-2017,05:30 am  
conjunct Neptune 09-06-2017,05:08 am 12° Pisces 49'Rx
Full Moon: Opposite Sun 09-06-2017,07:04 am 13° Pisces 53'

In this chart the Moon is in the 4th house, which she rules. Conjunct the Moon is retrograde Neptune, ruler of the sign. Traditionally the 4th house indicates conditions centering on

the foundations of society, settled communities, the common people, nationalism, the land, agriculture, real estate, homes, farmers, historic roots, domestic issues. (Neptune Café/Keywords page)

Both the Moon and Neptune are conjunct (the Moon is separating from the conjunct, Neptune is applying because it is retrograde) natal Ceres, an asteroid said to influence

parenting, rescue missions, natural disasters, food industry, mothers, agriculture, welfare, labor. (Neptune Café/Keywords page)

In the Sagittarius-ascending chart the Moon is in the 3rd house, which is ruled by Mercury. The 3rd house indicates

language, education, communication, transportation, all forms of mass media, literary works, the post office, roads, railways, air corridors, newspapers, television, schools, freedom of speech, the internet. (Neptune Café/Keywords page)

House ruler Mercury is transiting the 9th house and approaching a conjunct with Mars.

In both charts the Moon's emphasis when new was on creativity and individuality; and has resolved toward letting things go in the sense of taking a wider view. Paranoia is a likely side-effect.


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