2014 Moon Cycle 4: new Moon in Aries, full Moon in Libra

Calendars with astrological notation are available for April, May, and June

Needless to say, the new site isn't ready yet, so here's the barebones post promised earlier. The links above will load this Moon cycle's charts and the annotated calendars for April through June.

The new Moon is at 9 Aries, where the Sun highlights direct, straightforward action with the Moon's emotional contribution taking a back seat. Independence is the keyword of this cycle.

Events initiated at this new Moon will reach their conclusion when the Moon swings around to Libra. Her full Moon position is 25 Libra. What began with enthusiastic eagerness will likely need to be soothed over by then.

There is a total eclipse at time of this full Moon. You can find more information on lunar eclipses on the Astro.com wiki.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on the new site.

-- Marge
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